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Customer Testimonials

You (Radu) have always been there as a part of the team. I never viewed you as a contractor because you cared about the people and the business. Hopefully, we will have reason to work together in the future. CIO of a Premier EMS Company

Radu was selected to handle all aspects of EDI implementations for a multi-billion dollar m&a activity. Radu and team consistently delivered on-time delivery, managed the changing customer requirements flawlessly and were able to build beneficial lasting relationships with the customer. Business I/T Director for a Premier EMS Company

Radu and the Zori team were a great value add to a project. Always customer focused and willing to do what was necessary for the good of the project. I/T Manager for a EMS company

I just wanted to express my appreciation and the appreciation of (CIO) for all of the effort that you and your colleagues have expended in support of the testing and implementation efforts for the IBM OGP sites in Tilburg and Penang. It is only through the extraordinary efforts of a dedicated team that we were able to succeed in this and so many other difficult implementations. Director I/T Enterprises Services for a EMS company

I had the opportunity to work with Radu during SAP implementation at Whirlpool. Radu’s role and responsibility was to make sure that all the existing EDI interfaces were converted from legacy systems to SAP R/3, using ALE/IDOC technologies. Radu’s EDI and SAP skills, his holistic solution design capabilities and his abilities and passion to learn new technologies were key reasons for the success of the initiative…I would strongly recommend him for any roles that require good project management skills and core EDI and IDOC technology. Senior Business Analyst

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